About Us Nass Scafform is part of Nass Corporation, a major diversified construction and trading organization, which began business in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1963

Formed in 1990 to meet the growing needs of Nass Companies for a professional and competitively priced scaffolding service, Nass Scafform's clients now include reputable regional and international companies who have been attracted by the quality of service provided by the Company.

Today, Nass Scafform is one of the leading scaffolding companies in the Gulf, with a highly trained, qualified and motivated workforce approaching 1300 employees with an equally significant inventory of materials, transport and equipment.

Having achieved a dominant market position in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, our vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of scaffolding services throughout all Gulf countries.

We will achieve this by maintaining our reputation for quality, safety and service, while continuing to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all our clients.

Design Expertise

Our in-house design team can provide both engineering and technical assistance as part of any total package, commencing at the pre-bid stage and continuing through to completion of the project, ensuring full compliance with client specifications. A bespoke design service is also

Logistical Capabilities

With a workforce of almost 1300 people and a significant inventory of materials, transport and equipment located throughout the Gulf, Nass Scafform is well placed to respond quickly and efficiently to any project within the GCC.

Aspects of Safety

The Nass Scafform safety manual forms the basis of the Company's safe working practices and ensures the highest standards of health and safety, not just for our own employees, but also for those of our clients and fellow contractors.

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Our Team Expert Members

Matt Howes

Regional General Manager

Daniel Crouchman

Regional HSE Manager

Nick White

Operations Manager – United Arab Emirates

Graham Gillam

Operations Manager – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lee Robson

Operations Manager – Bahrain

Thomas Kurian

Quality Manager

ESG Framework

Nass is built on the foundation of being a ‘Business For Purpose’ and has an established ‘ESG’ framework in order to achieve a positive impact on communities and the environment while providing positive returns to all stakeholders.

In 2021, Nass committed to working in line with the United Nations Global Compact with compliance to the Principles of Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Labor and Environment.

Nass supports the advancement and advocacy of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the implementation of various initiatives

Our ‘Business For Purpose’ framework is bolstered by strong internal governance, consistent sustainability reporting and continued social initiatives.


Committed to keep people healthy & safe

We believe in acting always as a conscious operating responsible business, we always ensure our operations at Nass are planned in an efficient manner while simultaneously preserving the environment.

This year Nass has placed a focus on environmental improvements, including encouraging the adoption of environmental sustainability among its stakeholders and wider community. Part of our aim is to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. We seek to achieve this by utilising the responsible management of resources and adoption of renewable alternatives where feasible.



Nass believes in providing access to education for all as per UN SDG No 5, on Quality Education that focuses on building partnerships to reach this goal. In the African continent, the focus on Quality Education is due to issues of poverty, inadequate educational facilities and low student enrolment. Over the course of this year, Nass has developed links with two local providers in United Arab Emirates  to enable access to basic education. This has provided an opportunity for our employees to pursue their education and build a brighter future.


Committed to keep people healthy & safe 

The continued commitment of Nass Scafform, since its inception in 1990, has been its commitment to good Corporate Governance practices. Our Corporate Governance Rules are intended to ensure good, responsible and value-focused management of the business to maintain a culture of ethical behavior and compliance aligned with our values and mission.

We always strive to achieve best-in-class corporate governance by embracing an Integrated approach of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC).


Nass Corporation believes in being an “Inspiring Excellence in Business” by continuously transforming itself in tune with the world we serve. Our values and business principles provide a fixed point of reference which guide the way we operate and behave.


Nass operates in a responsible and ethical manner by communicating and engraining the spirit of the Ethics Policy among all employees. Our commitment towards anti-corruption and human rights protection is highlighted, with a provision of a direct mode of communication to report violations to the top management.

Our Principles

We believe in honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business.

We shall respect the rights of our employees, whilst also providing good and safe conditions of work for them.

We shall conduct our business in a socially responsible manner consistent with local regulations as is deemed fit for a good corporate citizen.

We shall win and develop the loyalty of our customers by offering prompt, reliable and pre-eminent service.

We shall develop good business relationships with our suppliers as well as maintaining long-term relationships with them.

We shall not encourage any untoward payments while conducting our business.

We shall protect the investments of our shareholders and work towards providing them acceptable returns.


Committed to keep people healthy & safe 



  • Carbon Emission Management
    As part of our CRS we aim to reduce energy consumption enabling us to minimise our carbon footprint. Due to the nature of our activities we are unable to reduce the amount of miles our vehicles run every year, however we are investing in maintaining more economical fleet of vehicles and reducing our overall fuel consumption. We are identifying best areas to utilise solar panels in our buildings and ensure that we are operating using the most effective solutions to reduce our Carbon Emissions.

  • Environmental Best Practices
    Our various rooms in camps have been replaced where possible with low energy LED lighting and water reduction nozzles on the taps and shower heads. This direct approach we have taken to address the planet’s need to be environmentally conscious. Our investigations into sustainability have also led us to look at a collaboration with renewable energy experts in the region and plan on installing solar panels on our shed roofs in our main yard areas. This will enable all of our country operations to reduce our reliance on the power drawn from the fossil fuel and reduce costs of energy consumption. It is our goal to utilise clean energy and ensure those savings can be partially directed toward environmentally focused initiatives.



    During lockdown across our various operations, we noted our workforce (around 1000 employees) were both unable to travel home to visit families and attend to problems surrounding covid. We have created a mental health wellbeing program to assist them to be able to speak to peers/professionals and enable us to provide a positive mental workplace for them. We know the challenges involved in not being able to be with loved ones and created the program to enable our personnel to feel safe discussing their issues.



    • Responsibility & Compliance
    • Independence & Transparency
    • Board & Cross Functional Committees
    • Commitment & Accountability