Grandstand Division

Nass Scafform has recently added Grandstand Seating to their range of activities. This extruded aluminium seating complies fully with the latest "Codes of Practice" from the Green Guide and the Institute of Structural Engineers recommendations. Our seating system also meets the Building Code requirements for Australia and the United States of America as well as the new proposed European specification CEN/ TC/315, regulations, featuring maximum user comfort and safety.

Our goal is to present a well designed aesthetically pleasing cost effective seating system, which ensures repeat business from our client base.

Our primary strength is our unrivalled technical knowledge and support in the design and provision of this strong and safe seating system which is superb in appearance.

"Hands on" experience means a thorough understanding of the diverse needs of the sports and entertainment world

  • Interpreting and fulfilling client’s briefs
  • Instant response
  • Completion on time and within budget
  • We offer experienced, professional advice and recommendations
  • Aluminium components make transportation easier and the erection and dismantling process quicker
  • Our seating system is adaptable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • State of the art seating for safety and comfort
  • Designed to achieve maximum unobstructed viewing
  • Finished aluminium grandstand has a high aesthetic appeal
  • Competitive pricing