What We Do


With our system scaffolding solutions it is easy for you to get onto your project. As a full-service scaffolding equipment installation and rental supplier, our experts are equipped to handle your scaffold project from start to finish. We’re also collaborative project experts who can work in tandem to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Our scaffolding services include: Rentals Delivery Erection Dismantling With years of experience on many different job sites, we ensure to make your scaffolding installation hassle-free and affordable.


With a workforce of almost 1300 people and a significant inventory of materials, transport and equipment located throughout the Gulf, Nass Scafform is well placed to respond quickly and efficiently to any project within the GCC. All Nass Scafform materials conform fully to BS 1139 and BS 2482. Our transportation capabilities include a modern fleet of trailers, Hiab mounted heavy duty trucks and pick-ups for materials and large & mini busses for personnel


Nass Scafform has extensive experience in planning and executing complex structures and is focused on delivering expert advice to our clients. Our in depth knowledge of design and construction management can assist you when tailoring the most efficient and competitive systems to meet both budget and program. Client satisfaction is our main objective.


Nass Scafform has recently added Grandstand Seating to their range of activities. This extruded aluminium seating complies fully with the latest "Codes of Practice" from the Green Guide and the Institute of Structural Engineers recommendations. Our seating system also meets the Building Code requirements for Australia and the United States of America as well as the new proposed European specification CEN/ TC/315, regulations, featuring maximum user comfort and safety. Our goal is to present a well designed aesthetically pleasing cost effective seating system, which ensures repeat business from our client base. Our primary strength is our unrivalled technical knowledge and support in the design and provision of this strong and safe seating system which is superb in appearance.

Designing & Engineering

Our in-house design team can provide both engineering and technical assistance as part of any total package, commencing at the pre-bid stage and continuing through to completion of the project, ensuring full compliance with client specifications. A bespoke design service is also available for specific projects if tailor-made solutions are required. Our design team has vast knowledge and experience in the design of complex access, formwork and heavy duty support scaffolds. Our drawings are prepared utilizing the latest software and supported by engineering design calculations. Furthermore our design team offer technical assitance to the safety and operations departments in compling risk assessments, hazard identifications, and method statements.


Insulation and cladding has become one of our core activities in industrial installations. We have developed a strong team and can boast of years’ of experience across the region for renovation, maintenance, construction and decommissioning. Our clients have engaged across the region in the disassembly, reassembly and renewal of industrial insulation pipes, vessels, tank walls and specials, Nass offers our insulation services either independently or part of a multidisciplined approach. From our regional offices, we are committed to ensuring we are able to work to your schedule and budget. We take care of project analysis, consulting, planning, materials, performance and quality. All the while, Nass are continually committed to working at the highest health and safety standards.